The First Three Months

Published on by Lindsay Budner.

"Afternoon Walk",  30"x40" Acrylic 

Chris Messer's latest painting.

Snow Creek Studios opened its doors on December 14th, 2012.  The opening reception was full of excitement for the duration of the 5-hour event.  Over 300 people came through the door to admire the 130 works of art by Chris Messer.  The local community expressed their appreciation for the modern, innovative space; a welcomed addition to Mount Shasta.

For those who haven't met me yet, I am Lindsay Budner, manager of Snow Creek Studios. It is my pleasure to represent Chris Messer and her art.  My gallery career began many years ago in New York.  I am thrilled to return as an active member of the art scene, where I feel very inspired and stimulated.  I encourage visits, questions, comments and suggestions.

During the first three months at the gallery, many projects have been completed, while some are still in the works.  Look for our first advertisement in Enjoy magazine's April issue.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for our new brochure, which is going to print this week and will be distributed locally and beyond in the coming month. 

While Chris' art remains the focus as she continues to create new paintings, we have several artists currently exhibiting their works, including a space dedicated to the Mountain Arts Cooperative.  Other artists currently shown include Claudia Ellis' watercolors and palette oils, Hannah Brehmer's pottery, Alex Swartz's glass pumpkins and Ryan Schuppert's metal hearts. We will continue to expand our diverse collection.  We also plan to rotate the exhibits often, so there is always something new to admire, inspire or purchase.  The gallery will be an active participant in the Fourth Friday Art Walk, officially beginning on March 22.

The studio space is also in full swing.  Chris started with a fun, creativity based 'Mixed Media' workshop series.  These classes will be uniquely themed and offered monthly to all levels.  We will have a schedule for her technique-focused classes upon Chris' return from her 3 week art inspired travels. 

She will be honing her skills, painting and enjoying the camaraderie of other artists by attending two workshops in March.  The first leg of her trip will be in Tucson, working with Stephen Quiller, an advanced color theorist. The second part of her trip will be spent in Guatemala with the brilliant Judy Morris.  This one-week design workshop will concentrate on color and texture.  We look forward to Chris’ colorful return at the end of March.